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Fresh Export Business

FieldFresh Foods is focused on building a robust Fresh Exports business model in vegetables with baby corn & sweet corn as our lead products. Our greens comprise varieties of chillies, basket of herbs, snow peas (mange tout) and sugar snaps. GlobalGAP is strictly adhered to on all our farms. Additionally, our Agri Centre of Excellence located in Ladhowal, Ludhiana is F2F (Field to Fork), BRC & TNC Certified and our Pack House in Nashik is F2F & BRC Certified.

Every day, our team challenges our processes to make them better !

FieldFresh Baby Corn

FieldFresh Baby Corn is hand-picked and packed on the same day to ensure freshness, every time, with the right level of maturity for that right degree of sweetness and crunch !! The cobs are harvested just when the silken tassels start appearing, ensuring that the cobs are just right and ready-to-eat. FieldFresh baby corn can be eaten raw with a spicy or a tangy dip or eaten as the classic snack - "golden fried baby corn". Used primarily in Asian and Oriental cuisine, it has now found its way to several continental salads and Indian Curries. Exports have been primarily to UK and parts of Europe.

Product Specifications

Colour Pale Yellow
Texture Firm & Crunchy
Length 6 -10 centimetres
Diameter 1-2 centimetres

FieldFresh Sweet Corn

FieldFresh Foods' expertise in sweet corn has been an outcome of nearly three years of internal research comprising multiple cultivars and agronomical practices. This provides consumers with succulent FieldFresh sweet corn round the year. Whole kernels of sweet corn preserved at their peak of freshness make a quick & easy snack or are a perfect ingredient to salads, sandwiches or key ingredients to delectable recipes.

FieldFresh sweet corn is grown in parts of Maharashtra in India, where the soil and climatic conditions are favourable round the year. The cobs are harvested when the kernels are golden yellow in colour and have reached the right degree of sweetness. Each cob is checked for kernel formation and filling, and only those cobs that meet our quality check specifications are further chosen for exports. FieldFresh sweet corn is exported as a whole and often, individual cobs are bought off-the-shelf in supermarkets of UK and Europe.

Product Specifications

Colour Pale Yellow to Golden Yellow
Texture Crunchy & Juicy
Length 16 - 21 centimetres
Row Count 16 - 18 rows
Weight 180 - 250 grams (three leaf stage)
Brix 16 and above

FieldFresh Snow Peas

FieldFresh Snow peas are hand-picked and freshly packed when the pods are flat with tiny seeds that are barely visible through the pods. This maintains the crunch and sweetness making them ready-to-eat. FieldFresh Snow Peas can be enjoyed as natural, added to salads, served raw with any kind of dip or sauted and buttered. Exports have been primarily to UK.

Product Specifications

Colour Light to Mid Green
Texture Tender & Crisp
Length 7 - 10 centimetres

FieldFresh Sugar Snaps

Handpicked at the right maturity level and freshly packed, FieldFresh sugar snaps are ready-to-eat. FieldFresh sugar snaps are good raw, stir-fried or cooked lightly. This vegetable is nutritious, the texture is crunchy and the flavor is delightful. Exports have been primarily to UK.

Product Specifications

Colour Mid to Dark Green
Texture Tender & Crisp
Length 5 - 9 centimetres

FieldFresh Chillies

FieldFresh offers a variety of chillies FieldFresh - Finger, Bird's eye, Bird's Beak, Jalapeno, Fresno, Scotch Bonnets etc. Trials of new and exciting varieties continue in our R&D farms.

FieldFresh Chillies are grown in parts of Maharashtra and Punjab in India, where the soil and climatic conditions are favourable. Extensive trials continue in Protected structures. Chillies are harvested they whole, fresh, clean and juicy with a peppery hot taste. FieldFresh Chilli is exported as a whole. FieldFresh Chillies are also available in frozen format.

Product Specifications

Colour Red or Green
Texture Crispy, Juicy & Fresh
Length 5 - 14 centimetres
Diameter 0.5 - 2 centimeters


Delivering quality fresh herbs throughout, FieldFresh Foods can be relied on for its excellent quality herbs - Basil, Coriander, Mint. Other herbs ie Rosemary, French Tarragon, Oregano, Thyme etc are under trial. Herbs are specially grown in our TNC and GlobalGAP Certified ACE. Cold chain is maintained at the farm, followed by rapid cooling that extends the shelf life of the herbs. All products are available in standard packaging sizes and special bunches.