Tomato Ketchup

Del Monte Tomato Ketchups are made with high quality vine-ripened tomatoes for a rich & textured ketchup, perfected for a lip smacking taste. Our ketchups taste great with sandwiches, pakoras, fries, burgers, pizzas and all your other guilty pleasures.

Spread & Dips

Do you enjoy experimenting with your dishes? Well then, Del Monte Dips & Spreads are just for you! Savour the magical blend of our classic creamy mayonnaise and other versatile ingredients that add a delightful crunch to every bite and satisfies every palate.

Chinese Sauces

Del Monte Chinese Sauces are absolutely essential for an authentic oriental taste. Our sauces are made with the finest ingredients which help you to whip up signature Chinese dishes at the comfort of your home. These sauces work well as cooking sauces, dips for your snacks or just to drizzle over noodles or fried rice.